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Thank you friends & customers!!!

Life can change in an instant. After careful consideration, the Swift Athletics family has come to a decision that may be of interest to you. After 11.5 years (and exactly 4 at our Main St. location), the time has come for us to move on to different ventures. We will be closing our doors to the public in ‘around’ one month’s time. We say ‘around’ because we do not know how long it will take for us to sell through our remaining product… it could be shorter or it could be longer… that is where YOU come in! Please make every effort you can to come visit us ASAP if you would like to grab an extra pair of your favorite shoes, socks, or inserts. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

We ask that you respect us & our decision as it was a difficult one to say the least. The plan is now this: we will offer our traditional discounts (no changes) for the next week or so as this news begins to spread. At some point in the relatively near future, we will make another announcement concerning bigger discounts of our remaining items. As such, your typical pair of shoes could be out of stock by the time that the bigger discounts kick in, so we suggest trying to purchase them on the earlier side of things. We can ‘hold’ shoes for a couple of hours – not days or weeks. And all sales will be final from this point forward. Please understand the reasoning here.

Also, please refrain from calling to ask about how cheaply you could purchase a particular pair of shoes. Announcements will be made and discounts (off of MSRP) will apply to everything in the store. In addition to the discounts, we will likely implement different store hours at some point in June, so PLEASE check our website and/or Facebook before making a long drive in to see us! We will not be selling any more gift cards, and you should try to use the ones you have as quickly as possible. If you have any specific messages you need to send us, please email them to swiftathletics@yahoo.com and we will try to respond to them as quickly as we can.

We have loved helping you over the years and we’ve loved hearing your awesome testimonies about how your shoes have changed your lives!!! We will truly miss the familiar faces that visit us often & we can’t thank you enough for your genuine care about us and the store. We have also had GREAT employees that we will never forget & we hope that we have made a positive impact on their lives as well. The decision to close is a family decision based on a number of factors… including, but not limited to, the physical & emotional health of our family. We have been blessed to have been profitable every year that we have been in business – THANK YOU! – however, the running shoe industry is very different from what it was in 2007 when we first opened. We are just ready for the next chapter of our lives.


It has come to our attention that there are fraudulent websites (laurenjonesfootwear.com, johncarterfitness.com, sidexsidenut.com) that have listed our address & phone number as its contact information. We have been receiving unpleasant phone calls from people that think they are calling one of these websites. If you feel that you have been a victim of this fraud, please contact your local Better Business Bureau.

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Everyone gets a discount at Swift Athletics! Just ask. Members of a High School or College running team get a 20% discount. Members of SITT and Team 13 get a 15% discount.